The True Spirit of Japanese Gardens

The True Spirit of Japanese Gardens (22)

The first thing that welcomes you, as you feel the true spirit of Japanese gardens is the tranquility and serenity of the place. The Japanese flower gardens reflect the efforts of the men in the harmonization of the ability to attract and the force of nature in an easy way. With presence absolutely vital mass of water, thin streams and short connections or mounds designed with gravel and rocks, and how recent Japanese gardens become resonant with the soft notes of tranquility and spirituality.

In Japanese Gardens you will arrive to find rare bonding with nature. Without taking into account the use of many artificial functional components such as bridges or bodies of water or high land artificially designed, the true spirit of Japanese gardens are designed to reflect the nature in its pattern unadulterated. Therefore, the “harmonious asymmetry” becomes live for Japanese gardeners and easily becomes the inspiration behind their work. If you are going to recreate the magic of this Japanese garden, then, follow the instructions of thumb described below.

Time and Space Illusion

Eyes accustomed to the European way of gardening, where the plants compete for your monitoring perfectly care at each corner and curves garden, Japanese gardens can seem to offer an illusion of vacuum at first sight. There are so many things, however, the garden looks so vast and spacious – this skill space management is the first lesson to be considered as the true spirit of Japanese gardens.

Assortment of plants

The Japanese gardens trying to contemplate the permanence of the environment. Therefore, there are the trees of evergreens that have become the hallmark of Japanese Gardens. The plants in the gardens include Japanese seasonal cycles. Because of this variety, the Japanese Gardens are not rejected during the winters. The essence of the four times of the year, nothing can be better detected in the altered appearance of  the true spirit of Japanese gardens throughout the year.

Bringing the Balance

In an ode to the environment, the Japanese Gardens strive to understand in a small environment, but its closest pattern. By way of example, in a Japanese Garden, it can accommodate a pond that is a perfect square-shaped. Given that the geometric environment has never produced such wonders. Similarly, in your search for the true spirit of Japanese gardens, it has also incorporated the essence of the balance. As for example, conceive a mountain in your small garden, you can use small stones, but not big ones.


Conceiving the right enclosure has great symbolic value of the true spirit of Japanese gardens Fencing is conceived in order to lock up the serenity in the garden uninterrupted by what is happening in the world outside the gates. Sometimes, you create small windows in divisions strong to attract passersby with the attraction inside the box of garden.

Ornamentation with Lanterns

No Japanese garden is complete without stone lanterns in kind of styles and designs. There are three main varieties of lanterns which are used in Japanese Gardens: the Kasuga, Oribe and Yukimi or snow-vision lantern.


In short, the Japanese Gardens reflect the natural balance between change and constancy. A brief introduction to the Zen beliefs can be organized for a better understanding of the true spirit of Japanese gardens.

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