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Japanese Indoor Gardens (3)

It is true that there are a couple of photos that I got when I think of the Japanese indoor gardens. One of them is a bonsai pine, and another is the work of art of zen. Bonsai has become my opinion the definite idea of the Japanese garden with wonderful pictures in small spaces. And a Japanese zen garden represents in my mind because every Japanese garden that I’ve experienced has had a Zen theme to it. Also properties in Japan have a Zen theme in mind, but only in the garden, you can really see the spirit of Zen and zen design.

The first time I heard of the Japanese indoor gardens was when my mother, who worked at a language school, introduced me to the Japanese language teacher. This man spent several years in Japan learning and understanding of the Japanese language. Along with the understanding of the language, he learned much about the culture of Japan, especially for him, the gardens of Japan. He produced the concept of a Japanese garden to his home.

I visited Japanese indoor gardens for myself when invited my mother and I, along with most of the other friends from language school to enjoy birthday first grandson of the teacher. I could not bear to notice the garden, and I was immediately struck by the beauty and ease of miniature Japanese garden had created. Had no idea at that time, I was looking at a Japanese garden, just liked the clean and delicate symmetry of lines characteristic of living art. At first, I was afraid to walk on it, it seemed delicate and I afraid to interrupt.

Fortunately, our host recognized what I feared, and he described the whole concept behind a peaceful Japanese indoor gardens style to me. He described that certain design structures are natural in a Japanese garden, and pointed all for me, what use are rocks, water and flowers. There were also wonderful bonsai and Koi pond that represents the generosity and prosperity.

Really i could not take away from the beauty of the garden, and the owner of the house had, in the space of a few hours, make me who knew nothing of the Japanese Gardens, become someone who had been persuaded had to produce the beauty, ease and the symbolism of a Japanese garden. I will have a quiet Japanese garden of mine, and I am glad that the teacher presented me to a beautiful Japanese indoor gardens art work.

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