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Japanese Garden Waterfall (89)

Every home would not be perfect without a beautiful garden. No matter how small the garden it will bring a significant role to the whole residence when it is designed and built right. The garden will bring fresh atmosphere and not to mention the beautiful visual impact it can bring making a great environment where your family live. When it comes to garden, there’s none take it more seriously than Japanese people. Japanese is well known for its gardening art and Japanese garden is known like a work of art. It is way more than just landscape decoration but is also about philosophy and spirituality. Japanese Garden Waterfall is among the most popular and much loved type of Japanese garden.

The Philosophy Behinds Japanese Garden Waterfall

As mentioned above, Japanese garden is more than just a decorative garden but it is also a symbol of Japanese spirituality. Garden isn’t only place to relax and feel the fresh atmosphere but it is also a place for meditation or simply a time of retreat t from the busy world and contemplate. There are various aspects of japanese garden Waterfall and each aspect symbolizes certain elements in Japanese cosmology. Miniaturizing the Japanese landscape is the main philosophy of Japanese garden design. It is like creating an ideal landscape in miniature size. This kind of philosophy must be reflected on every garden design.

There are many different types of Japanese garden design. Dry garden design doesn’t include water element and the water is symbolize by sand or stones in certain arrangement. Even some types, like Zen garden, there’s no plant at all but only sand and stones. Japanese garden with Waterfall is known among the most complete type of garden design because it has all aspects of Japanese landscape. There are land and plants as well as water on the pond and waterfall. It is also symbolize the mountainous landscape of Japan. A good waterfall garden will give both visual and audio delight and it will surely bring lots of benefits to the residence.

Japanese Waterfall Garden and Its Elements

When you want to build Japanese garden Waterfall, it is very important to understand its philosophy and more importantly, the key elements of the garden. Land and gravel will be the basic element of the garden. The land can be covered with sand or trimmed grass. The stone is usually used for decoration whether it is in natural shape or decorative shape made from stone. The landscape can be formed to accentuate mountainous landscape with artificial hill. Plants are also important elements and for Japanese garden the most common plants used are including bamboo, Japanese maples, Azaleas and off course, grass. It is also very important for Japanese garden Waterfall design that the plants are trimmed or manicured to a certain shape for decorative purpose.

The element of water is presented on the garden with the pond and off course, the waterfall. Waterfall doesn’t only symbolize the element of water but it is also accentuating the water stream. The stream in Japanese philosophy symbolizes the life that always changing. It is a symbol of permanent impermanence. The sound of the water stream is also very contemplative and helps to create a meditative atmosphere. As for the pond, koi and gold fishes are crucial. It will give impressive visual impact to the whole garden. There are several types of Waterfall in Japanese garden. Those types are based on the height, the numbers of levels, the stream, and the shape of the waterfall. You can find great references from internet from various websites including Pinterest where there are amazing pictures of Japanese waterfall garden.

There’s no reason to hesitate building backyard Japanese Waterfall garden. It is easy to imagine many benefits you can get when you have one at your backyard. It is highly recommended that you consult with professional landscape architect to help you design the garden. You can also hire a professional landscape contractor to build the garden. Be sure that the one you choose has credential to build Japanese garden and really understands its philosophy. The garden will be an amazing space where you can relax and forget about everything while you enjoy the scenery and hear the calming sound from the garden.

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