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Having a beautiful Japanese garden pond would be a great thing for every home. We all know that having a nicely created garden will bring great atmosphere to the home and I believe that you also want the same for your home. However, it may be a little bit difficult reason why we must choose Japanese garden when we don’t have Japanese background. The answer is easy, because it is really worth to have. Japanese are known for its care for little detail and that’s how they created their gardens. Known for its beauty and perfect synergy of all elements, we can find pictures of beautiful japanese gardens with pond and it is easy to fall in love with it.

Japanese Garden Philosophy

The design of Japanese garden reflects the ideal of natural landscape in Japan. It is also created to showcase the culture of the island and people live on it. For Japanese, creating a garden is like making an art work. More than that, there’s a deep philosophy on Japanese garden and pond. It reflects their spirituality. Japanese garden ponds are created with highly idealistic concepts even in some ways very abstract as it isn’t only created for a place of recreation and relaxation but also a place of contemplation and meditation.

There are several types of Japanese garden design. The tea house garden is more about social space for Japanese house while the second type is the dry stone garden or widely known as Zen garden as it is related with Zen spirituality. The third one, Japanese pond garden is much suitable for home garden as it is combined garden with fresh water pond to create a natural fresh atmosphere to your home.

Elements of Japanese Pond Garden

Japanese pond garden is basically Japanese garden with pond. Like any other Japanese garden, it has several elements based on its philosophical concept. It is very important to understand those elements when designing a Japanese garden pond. Even when you want to create modern garden with Japanese garden inspiration, those elements are very crucial to create the atmosphere. Don’t forget that it is all about synergy of every element. These are important elements of Japanese garden pond:

The Plants

All plants for the garden must be able to represent these elements: woods, trees, and leaves. The choice of water plants can also be used to complete the element. As color is also important element, the plants must be able to showcase different color from the calmness of green to the brightness of red or yellow.  The choice of plants and also the landscape design must be able to showcase synergic color of the garden.

The Pond

Japanese garden and pond seems like a perfect pair. The pond is representing the important element: water. Element of water symbolize life and also symbolize the life. The pond must be well represented and becomes the center of attention. Miniature waterfall can be a good addition as it gives both visual and sound effects to the garden.

As water symbolize life, the pond in Japanese garden won’t be perfect without this element: fishes. Gold fish and Koi fish are two most popular fishes for Japanese pond in garden. Those two species of fish are chosen for two reasons: beautiful looks and beautiful moves. Gold fish and koi has impressive colors and its graceful moves through the water creating peaceful scenes. A good way to contemplate life.

The Landscape

Landscape has important role in Japanese garden pond design. The garden landscape must be representing the elements of Japanese landscape. Land and sand are two important elements that needs to be showcased. Rock is also crucial element as it symbolizes the mountainous land of Japan.

There are so many elements on Japanese garden pond and each and every element must be well represented. A good design for Japanese garden pond will put every element in synergy that none of the element will be too dominated or in contract, misrepresented. Designing the garden is like painting on the canvas that the garden will become a beautiful artwork. It is highly recommended to consult with professional landscape architect to help you design a beautiful Japanese garden pond.

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