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Perhaps you have seen a traditional Japanese garden? Well, it will be a great opportunity to see Japanese garden in Monaco. Would you like to try just a little Japanese culture? Stepping on ground,  escaping from the real world in a land of fantasy. Suddenly you find yourself in a Japanese natural environment, such as those seen in the wonderful paintings. What is missing is the fog. On the other hand, the Mediterranean sun reveals all the details in a warm light.

With Japanese garden in Monaco, what you see is not absolutely all, the exterior cladding of things is a mere reflection of the psyche of a historic culture. One really has to be, literally, ‘cult’ in this sense to better appreciate the merits of the matter. (that I was not at the time of my visit! (And it was a pity, since I did not know very well what should be considered and what things that I look better!) It is possible to speak of a philosophy of gardening of the old Japan. Japanese gardening is a skill exaggerated beyond the array of vegetation, water and stone, but it is saturated in symbol.

The perception of nature is significantly different in Japanese from the European culture. Instead of only seeing nature as something to be subjugated and transformed based on ideals by the man made of beauty, Japanese garden in Monaco developed a deep connection with nature, considering it sacred, an ally in putting food on game and a perfect beauty in itself. Therefore, the Japanese Gardens would be the synthesis of nature in miniature rather than correction of nature as with European gardens.

Actually, the style of Japanese Gardens originate in the Chinese model. The history goes back in time, around the year 100 BC, when the Emperor of China, Wu Di of the Han dynasty have established a garden containing three small islands, imitating the islands of the immortals, which were the key Taoist deities. An envoy of Japan saw and took the idea to Japan, the improvement of Japanese practices that prevail.

The Japanese garden in Monaco was made at the request of Prince Rainier, who thus fulfilled a wish Princess Grace had expressed during her lifetime. The garden was designed by landscape architect Yasuo Beppu, has 7,000 square meters, its constructions took 3 years and it was absolutely inaugurated in 1994.

There are cherry trees, olive trees, azaleas, conifers,  camellias and rhododendrons, a rich vegetation different from the Mediterranean, Australia, African, Asian and South America origin, pruned in line with Japanese tradition.

Walking in the busy Monaco, with all its stone, steel and glass, Japanese garden in Monaco is a green oasis of peace, where even the truly incredible numbers of tourists went unnoticed, wandering through the winding roads, through the thickness of the garden.

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