Japanese Garden Elements

Japanese Garden Elements (28)

There are some Japanese garden elements, such as water, rocks, an island or Islands, a bridge to an island, a lantern made of stones, plants, a pavilion or tea lounge and view management.

The stones are a very important Japanese garden elements. They are usually the first component to put in a garden. Pebbles simultaneously can be grouped randomly or form triangular arrangements. It is usually placed in strange figures. They can be used for steps in a path of the flower bed. Stones can be used to understand hills or islands. They can be arranged to focus on a distant tree or the nearby mountain which can be drawn outside the garden, which is a demonstration of the management stage. The stones can be used to express strong feelings of human power and resistance.

Characteristics of water are another important Japanese garden elements. Raked gravel can be used to understand water. Water symbolizes purity. Streams, waterfalls, ponds allow water to flow can be used routinely, but fountains not be included, since it does not occur in nature.

Another Japanese garden elements is the placement of a stone lantern near a pond or stream. These represent the male and female elements of fire and water, which are known as the yin and the yang.

Other Japanese garden elements include shrubs and flowers that are used to indicate the times of altered exercise in Japanese garden. Trees such as Japanese maple and Japanese black pine, are often used in the garden. Moss and bamboo are also used along with azaleas, peonies, chrysanthemums, cherry and plum and magnolia. Architectural, as tea houses or pavilions components also are used.

Different methods of Japanese garden cover the lagoon and Island style, dry landscape Zen garden, Japanese tea garden, promenade gardens and garden in the courtyard. A picture of Japanese tea garden, of course, has a tea house together with other elements, such as trails from the garden of stone, water fountain, and various plants. A pond and the garden of the Island have been established centrally, the  pond, Islands and bridges. It covers a box of large and small stones, gravel or sand Zen Garden, and a bit of moss or a few trees or shrubs. For stroll gardens include some elements that could be considered by tourists as walked by the garden, which could include stones, water and plants. A closed small garden also includes numerous Japanese garden elements in an easy style.

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